Nin is located 17 km northern of Zadar. You can get there by car, by bus, by airplane, by train or by ship.

After you come to Nin, just follow traffic signs for Mulo and Vrsi. On road, just before you pass the old bridge that connects Nin with the main road is a crossing where is a sign for village Ždrijac .

Our adress is Primorska 9. We will be waiting for you.


If you go with your car from the direction of Zagreb, you can drive following different pathways. 
1. drive on highway Zagreb - Karlovac, go off the road in Karlovac then travel through Lika. After Korenica go again on higway (Zagreb-Split) and the next exit is Zadar I. (There is a sign that points to Nin) Then follow traffic signs for more 28 km to Nin, our house.You need 36 kn (5 Euros) of road tax in one direction. Drive lenght: aprox. 4 hours from Zagreb.

  1. drive on highway Zagreb - Split, go off the highway on exit Zadar I. Then follow traffic signs to Nin for more 28 km. Road tax in one way from Zagreb is 105 kn (15 Euros). Drive lenght: 2,45 hours from Zagreb

If you go with your car from the direction of RIjeka, drive on road through Adriatic coast to Zadar, then there is a road to Nin.. 


  • When you enter Croatia, you dont have to turn on your car lights (only from 4th. month on even if there is a daylight.
  • Maximum spped on highway is 130 km/h, roads away from the habitated places 80 km/h, roads in the habitated places 50 km/h if traffic signs dont say else.
  • Maximum blood alcohol is 0,5 %°.
  •  It is forbidden to use cellular phone during the driving.

Also, from the june, 2005 there are road interceptors that catch drivers who drive too fast on highways.

On this site you can plan your travel to Nin: 

VIA MICHELINNE (Destination: Croatia, Nin)

Croatian auto-moto club

Croatian motorways


All bus lines for Zadar are suitable. From Zadar, there is a local bus line that drives to Nin.

Zagreb Bus Station

Zadar Bus Station + Local Lines


If you will travel by ship, your dock is Zadar. Zadar is conected with ferry lines with Rijeka and Split. When you arrive in Zadar port, go with local bus or your own car to Nin. 
Ferry line: Ancona - Zadar
Ferry line: Rijeka - Zadar
Ferry line: Bari - Zadar
Ferry line: Dubrovnik- Zadar
Ferry line: Split - Zadar 



If you travel by plane, you will land in airport Zemunik. Take the local bus for Zadar, and from Zadar go to Nin.

*we will come at the Zadar airport to pick up guests who will travel by airplane

Zadar Airport

Zagreb Airport